To arrive later in place of providing see, you will lay a conference off towards wrong foot and you will possibly destroy the partnership

Are you presently creating, otherwise attending create, team into the Norway? An insight into an average Norwegian as well as Norwegian business community you will really assist your off to a boost.

Doing business within the a different nation will likely be challenging. Whether you’re think a business stop by at Norway, relocating or setting-up a new company here, a little knowledge regarding community and you can business “know-how” might be the answer to quickly create a renewable team and to settle when you look at the.

Fundamental principles

Norwegian organization society could be according to Norwegian operating viewpoints. Apartment construction, equivalence and you may faith was center beliefs when you look at the functioning life during the Norway. Norwegians connection this type of beliefs just like the a tool to attain a competent and you may effective organization.

Apartment build

Norwegians accept that equivalence and faith may be the base out of competent, responsible, and active practices. Consequently, extremely agencies go for a flat and you can low-hierarchical build.

A flat structure implies that crucial conclusion with the firm are will built in groups, and you will personnel could well be consulted and you will mixed up in process. In addition, executives in the place of work are essential to behave a whole lot more just like the coaches and you will facilitators rather than authoritarian figures.


An effective precondition to own a flat build was equality. Sex equivalence was experienced and you will appreciated in every respect regarding area and additionally providers lifestyle. Men and women work once the elderly managers or group. Women can be equal people.

Because equivalence as a whole is actually respected, it’s important to be understand that titles and you may signs from strength try faster essential in Norway, as compared to a number of other places. Accessibility headings is also in certain situations be considered old fashioned.


Norwegians features acutely large trust in both along with individuals establishments. Trust anywhere between professionals and you can businesses are key. For this reason, you might as a general rule features count on that an employee, a worker, or a corporate companion perform what exactly is arranged.

Conferences and you will negotiations

Visits might possibly be created by cellular telephone or by the elizabeth-emails because the far in advance to, prior to the basic fulfilling. Visits made-over the phone are usually affirmed on paper. The essential company looks are relatively relaxed. Yet not, group meetings is well-prepared, because reveals union and you will professionality. Agendas are going to be submitted get better to allow the organization people when you look at the Norway to set up toward fulfilling.

Whilst in a corporate appointment, you can even experience you to definitely dealings is swinging in the future quickly, as numerous Norwegians do not need long-condition personal relationships in order to conduct business. The cause of which as the standard trust and you will confidence inside others, due to the fact emphasized initially. Hence, it is key to feel and appearance reliable and trustworthy inside all aspects when approaching Norwegian organizations.


Oral arrangements and you may composed agreements is actually mutually binding according to Norwegian legislation. Preparations will likely be joined to your rapidly, sometimes which have a short email address otherwise just an effective handshake, while the believe aspect can be so distinct. If your needed faith is obtainable, a great Norwegian businessman or girl will shake-hands along with you, assuming the people often write this new paperwork later. Bear in mind yet not that huge enterprises could have a specialized approach, which most people are transferring the latest guidance regarding a lot more “American inspired” deals, which have quite comprehensive files.


Norwegians overall do not expect numerous bargaining, none in their individual situations or even in company life. When discussing, it is asked you present a firm, practical and competitive first price. Aggressive negotiating will likely provide no place and ong your Norwegians alternatives.

Top password and you may office environment

The office ecosystem is normally alternatively casual which have a casual otherwise providers relaxed skirt password. This will however range from where you are in the nation, noting one enterprises regarding prominent towns usually habit a far more conventional top code, with dresses and dark suits having clothing and wrap.

Greetings at the office are carried out that have an initial identity base, and organization lovers will even generally speaking speak to one another by utilizing the first-name.

For many who target some one you don’t understand into the a message it is common to utilize a complete identity, however, that frequently might easily proceed to target for every most other on the a primary name foundation.

Fundamental suggestions and “know-how”

Group meetings are going to be put up ahead and you can confirmed because of the elizabeth-send or cellphone. Punctuality are respected since it implies sincerity , and it is sensed rude to get later in order to meetings. If you are running late in order to a meeting, also just moments, it’s requested which you phone call to share with.

Expensive presents in order to a corporate companion is avoided as it was perceived as a great bribe. Providing merchandise is not section of Norwegian team community, except a little Christmas present or a product or service with a logo design.

More than 99 % of inhabitants speak Norwegian since their basic code. But not, really Norwegians are well been trained in English, so you’re able to expect to operate thanks to area and you may providers rather than significant trouble.

Norwegians will be regarded as cooler and direct. Don’t let yourself be surprised if the people don’t speak with one another on the elevator, into the a store or on coach. Small talk which have visitors isn’t common inside Norway.

Norway is not a person in the fresh new Eu. However, this new EEA-agreement implies that Norway takes part in the new Eu internal age basis as the Eu-members.

German, French and you may Foreign language also are commonly educated in school, but most Norwegians are not proficient within these dialects. Norwegians is know Swedes and Danes without much troubles.

Live and you will work with Norway

Residing Norway shall be costly, although wages is competitive, old age excellent, and you may standard of living try outrageous. Norwegians really worth good functions-lifetime harmony. Typical regular business hours start during the 8.00 have always been and prevent at 4.00 pm, out-of Monday in order to Saturday, and you will starting era from public practices generally are from to 9.00 in the morning to dos.00 or 3.00 pm. The general public summer getaway is actually about three months within the July. Within these months, and also the days away from during the Christmas and you will Easter, you’re perhaps not expected to work, as well as reacting age-e-mails etc.


If you just remember that , the next situations are valued when navigating using Norwegian providers lifetime, you will improve your odds of achievement:

  1. Equivalence and you can flat formations
  2. Work on venture
  3. Casual and brief interaction
  4. Faith certainly one of someone
  5. Harmony away from work and private lifetime
  6. Punctuality and you may honesty

Norwegian conformity and you may revealing responsibilities

Whenever a foreign business would like to conduct business from inside the Norway, fundamental possibilities usually are more significant than just details. Down load all of our totally free guide to Norwegian conformity, formalities and you may revealing duties.